Native apps still reign supreme over HTML5 in a few areas, including:

You can keep employees from using malware-infested mobile apps by creating an enterprise store of company-approved apps. Here five reasons to set up your own app store.

1. They improve quality control. One way to make sure employees don't download bogus apps is to create an enterprise app store where they can get company-approved apps. Twenty-five percent of enterprises will have an app store by 2017, Gartner predicts, in part due to this greater degree of control.

Why a Responsive Web is Better

If you’re in the loop of web designers and developers, you probably know that “responsive web design” is the hottest trend right now. Large brands have shifted their focus to designing websites that look good on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets while also looking sharp on a desktop — all with the same content.

Sharepoint expert Brianna Smith recently published an article outlining some benefits of private cloud hosting Sharepoint. Some of the advantages in terms of financial coat that he mentioned were;

  • SharePoint licensing costs
  • Overtime for maintenance and upkeep of your infrastructure
  • Equipment failures and surprise costs
  • Training and on-going certifications necessary to run SharePoint efficiently

With private cloud SharePoint hosting, there is no training or maintenance required. Instead, you have one predictable monthly payment for all your SharePoint infrastructure needs.

If your business is not on mobile then you are losing a lot. At a minimum, all businesses should have a mobile-optimized website, and make your website mobile-friendly by placing your location and contact information in a prominent place. Clarity, simplicity and speed matter most for mobile users, so make sure it’s clear what you do and how you can help customers.


Mobilize your business

Your customers are mobile; how about you? With Google Sites, you can build a professional mobile landing page in just minutes.