Simplicity- The simpler is your website; the happier will be the visitors. An unnecessarily complicated website will irritate the visitors.

A simple website will make navigation a lot easier. There are only a handful of people who appreciate complexity. So, it is necessary to make sure that simplicity is maintained.

Readability- The written content is the most important way of ensuring that the message is properly expressed to the visitor. The content should always be understandable, concise and should have the desired effect on the target market. An irrelevant content will do nothing but make the visitors shift to another website as they will not be finding what they were looking for.
Focus- Each page of your website should have a main point of focus. It is this focus which should be highlighted the most and the visitor should simply have no difficulty in pointing it out. There should be no unnecessary staff in any of the pages.
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Target Market- This is more or less same as readability. This is actually about the total appearance and feel of the website. For example, if it is a visual-based industry, then the website should be enriched with more images and less text.

Ability to Load Fast- The website should be able to load in quick time. It is true that besides increasing the level of efficiency in our daily lives, technological advancement has decreased the level of our patience. If a visitor finds that he or she had to wait for quite a long time in order to get a page loaded or a function to get started, then the visitor will most certainly be leaving your site getting impatient. So retaining the attention of your visitor for a longer time is absolutely essential. So, the best way to ensure this is by making your website react quickly to the request of the visitors. This can be done by eliminating or minimizing flash, limiting the sizes of the pictures, and making sure that the site functions efficiently across all the browsers. A good server having the ability to accommodate the visitors, both the expected and the unexpected ones, is a necessity.

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