Arab News (Website) reported "Sales of PCs tumble in Asia on mobile competition" which indicated a slump of PC sales worldwide. As reported "International Data Corporation (IDC) said sales of PCs fell to 108 million units in the Asia Pacific outside Japan, marking the region's first annual double digit decline.


"The economic sluggishness in big emerging markets in the region adversely affected buying sentiments," IDC said.

"On the consumer side, smartphone and tablet distractions spread throughout the region this year, further contributing to the sharp decline in the PC market."

In the area of E-Commerce - Online consumers use their smartphones and tablets for many shopping-related activities. In Q2 2013, 57% of smartphone users while in a retailer’s store visited that retailer’s site or app compared with 43% who consulted another company’s site or app, comScore says. The top reason consumers consulted retailers’ sites or apps was to compare prices.

Among those smartphone users who went to the same retailer’s site, 59% wanted to see if there was an online discount available, the report says. Similarly, among those who checked a different retailer’s site, 92% wanted to see if they could get a better deal on price.

The momentum behind tablets can't be contained, with sales expected to top the combined desktop and laptop market by 2015.

That's according to Gartner, which released a study today looking at tablet, PC, mobile device sales. Total worldwide sales of all the devices are expected to hit 2.4 billion units this year and grow to just under 3 billion by 2017.

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